"My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doomed." - Snowpiercer (2013)


Bob and the deli guy.

#i had to make this just so i could watch it whenever i wanted #i just fucking love that it’s not played off like the usual gay panic joke #this rly exemplifies the humor of the show for me and why I love it so much #it’s akward and weird but never EVER mean #the important misunderstanding in this situation isn’t Bob’s sexuality; it’s the reason why he keeps buying turkeys #like he’s def more concerned that this deli guy thinks he’s not a real cook than he is about being hit on



electricmonk333's local news did a story on her and her incredible strength as she battles toxic shock

Please watch, Simran (Shaefali) fell ill shortly after leaving her first con, DCcon, if you go to her blog you can find more information about her story and where you can donate Helping Hands: Shaefali’s Prosthetics Fund


Iron Man Trivia Part 1/Part 2 click on pictures to read captions with more trivia

Wait, so


the second captain america movie was so good

orange is the new black meme | 8 inmates

"seek out the supreme wisdom of the junkie philosopher."

when i find myself in times of trouble
remus lupin comes to me
speaking words of wisdom